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MOFFAS Fundamentals

MOFFAS is a new digital environment that runs as a portable user-centric shopping agent, a community-oriented social hub, and a flexible technology solution that runs in parallel to other web applications at the same time. It is designed to reorganize the relationships between brands, influencers and consumers, with a particular focus on e-commerce.

The MOFFAS environment consists of five departments: marketing, shopping, market intelligence, social networking and finance. The system is facilitated, supervised and regulated by a central machine learning-powered module, Alpha.

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms that are built to control, MOFFAS embraces chaos, which is the nature of human society and behavior. Taking a decomposition approach, MOFFAS system works with different service providers, including e-commerce platforms, on various levels, separately, and reassembles a unified experience for users, shifting power and control back to users.

What can MOFFAS do?

Dedicated to modernizing social shopping through a combination of conventional wisdom and novel technologies, MOFFAS is operated as an omnichannel and multidimensional system that is designed to work alongside other environments, instead of just an isolated application. The use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Shopping in a group/community setting
  • Making and sharing reviews
  • Matching consumers with products
  • Marketing and promoting brands
  • Matching influencers with brands and generating lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers
  • Cultivating relationships between consumers and brands

How to access MOFFAS

MOFFAS can be accessed directly from the community website, the browser extension and mobile apps. The functionalities and foci of these three access points are slightly different:

  • Website: community interactions, messaging, management for Mofficers and Partners
  • Extension: handling on-site shopping and communication tasks
  • Apps: Same as the website (upgraded apps that focus on consumer activities and advanced off-site application to be released soon )