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MOFFAS Fundamentals

MOFFAS is an e-commerce focused digital environment that runs as a human-centric market channel, a community-oriented social hub, and a flexible technology solution that provides interface-level services at the same time. It is designed to reorganize and manage relationships between resources and consumers, through the power of computing, for a more decentralized market. Specifically focusing on data privacy and general ethics, MOFFAS is built to be the infrastructure for a healthier and more sustainable business ecosystem.

The system consists of multiple departments and inter-departmental programs, all of which facilitated, supervised and regulated by a central machine learning-powered scheme, alpha.

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms that are built to control, MOFFAS celebrates independence and freedom. Taking a decomposition approach, MOFFAS system analyzes and works with different types of resources, including e-commerce platforms, separately, and reassembles a continuous enhanced personalized experience at the user level, shifting power and control back to people.

Within the MOFFAS system, the consumer side is managed by Lovn, while the resource side is processed and delivered through Dawn.