Season 1


Weave is a key component of the MOFFAS market intelligence module, Brahms. Its main function is to gather information of web pages/links by crowdsourcing ("weaving"). The ultimate goal of Weave, in line with the MOFFAS market intelligence department, is to create a "conscious" and human-centric smart layer of the Internet for safer and, in general, better user experience.


Any valid web page/link on the Internet users review with Weave is considered a fabric.

How to Weave

At the moment, Weave can only be done via the browser extension by Mofficers. When one navigates to a certain page, they can open the Mofficer toolbox panel in the extension and click Weave button. The Mofficer then needs to answer a number of simple survey questions and submit them to commit a Weave. Here are a few sample questions:

  • How do you like the page and what's on this page?
  • How do you think your friends and community will like it?
  • Does this page contain dishonest/untrue information?

What to Weave

It is recommended to Weave pages/links ("fabrics") of higher commercial values, such as:

  • A product page from an e-commerce site
  • A blog entry behind paywall
  • A PR campaign landing page

Weave confirmation

When a fabric is committed, the system will process it and confirm it if it is accepted by the system. A confirmed fabric is eligible for rewards.

Weave Rewards

At the moment, to celebrate the launch, the special reward scheme active for Weave is Lucky Drop 100 for 100. For every 100 confirmed fabrics, a $100 Lucky Drop is issued. However, the reward scheme is subject to change when the Weave is included in other upcoming MOFFAS programs.


Like ClicKey events, we publish Weave work in the public logs.


Weave only accepts manual and honest work through the extension. Any other manipulation will be considered cheat and subject to account suspension.


In addition to our NEVER SELL DATA policy, Weave data will not be used for targeted advertising. Working on Weave does not create cookie files of any kind.