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Trove is a serviced provided by Moffice that allows members to organize, manage and promote affiliate marketing related content from their campaigns outside the Phi program.


An interface of the Phi program, Trove can be accessed within Moffice➡️. It is also accessible from Trunk in the extension and, soon, mobile apps. We also encourage you to take advantage of Sky, which is made free to members, to display and distribute your content to the public.


  • Within MOFFAS: Promo Party events (Although we do not recommend this approach, you can also store your own Phi Bloc link in your Trove.)

  • Other websites/platforms: Campaigns with a unique identifier (usually a link or a code) -- as long as the link/target is a legal and secure environment, there's no limit (URLs are subject to inspection for virus and malicious scripts).

Access level

  • Mofficers

    Mofficers can add (and edit) affiliate links/codes to Trove, with sharing options available for each link/code.

    • Share the link/code with MOFFAS friends.
    • Share the link/code with MOFFAS followers.

Once the sharing option is selected, the code/link will show up in their friends/followers' Trove. There's no need for taking extra sharing actions. Mofficers can also edit their codes from Promo Party events.

  • Other members

    Standard members can only view codes and links shared with them by the Mofficers they follow or are friends with as well as those from the Promo Party events.