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Social Shopping

Social shopping is a generic term we've adopted within the system to describe shopping/consuming occasions where more than one person is involved.

It is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it probably is one of the most ancient practices that help our ancestors survive in difficult times and thrive in others, from hunting in packs to sharing resources.
Nowadays, many things we do on a daily basis, such as splitting a bill or making referrals, all belong in this category. Social shopping provides better opportunities, efficiencies and access to resources.

In this age of e-commerce and social media, its impact gets further amplified, empowering consumers, activists as well as merchants and brands.

Social shopping with MOFFAS

Different platforms approach social shopping in different ways. As a platform that aims to "de-platform," MOFFAS sees the social networking aspects as an intrinsic part of the shopping experience, rather than an add-on feature. Social shopping is not just making Facebook posts about shopping trips. It is a symbiotic system and process that creates immersive environment for shopping, helps build dynamic relationships between brands and consumers, and cultivates communities for the better future.