Renaissance is a developing identity solution set to continuously address the challenges that arise from a more decentralized Internet, including:

  • Data integrity
  • Authentication
  • Encryption

Renaissance is designed and built to be human-centric, which means that the end-user/public will have their own means to validate data independently. Renaissance is a built-in component of both Dawn and Lova.
The core concept of the Renaissance solution is to rely on natural real-world facts rather than multilayer arbitrary hashing algorithms.

Renaissance Seal

A RenSeal is a signature generated and assigned to the resource objects by Renaissance. At the moment, it provides primary data integrity check capability and is scheduled to evolve as Dawn Lighthouse Community Nodes get incubated and deployed. It helps the client side verify whether that the data they receive from a resource storage facility is genuine, authentic and complete.

The first two batches of RenSeals are based on poems by E. E. Cummings and Christina Georgina Rossetti, respectively.

A typical text-based RenSeal