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Renaissance is a developing identity solution set to continuously address the challenges that arise from a more decentralized Internet, including:

  • Data integrity
  • Authentication
  • Provenance
  • Encryption
  • Identity

Renaissance is designed and built to be human-centric, which means that the end-user/public will have their own natural means to validate data independently.
Renaissance is a built-in component of both Dawn and Lovn. All Dawn resource objects are processed and proofed by Renaissance.

Renaissance algorithms ultimately rely on natural real-world facts, common knowledge, rather than multilayer arbitrary models. Hence, the naming.

Renaissance Seal (RNSS)

A RenSeal is a signature generated and assigned to the resource objects by Renaissance. At the moment, it provides primary data integrity check capability and is expected to evolve as Dawn Lighthouse Community Nodes get incubated and deployed. Its main purpose is to help the client side verify whether the data they receive from a resource storage facility is genuine, authentic and complete.

  • Text-based RenSeals (eec)

eec: E. E. Cummings (The first batch of Seals, later dropped due to copyright concerns, were built based on the poems of E. E. Cummings.)

text-based RenSeal example
A typical text-based RenSeal
  • Image-based RenSeals (pbe)

pbe: Pieter Bruegel the Elder

In contrast to the text-based counterparts, image-based RenSeals are primarily used in situations where graphics (e.g., EvE) or system-generated data objects serve as the additional/key information to transmit. For example, a Dawn resource object may carry GENSIG that illustrates the its values. Such information is "sealed" in an image.

image-based RenSeal example
A typical image-based RenSeal


In certain cases, when paired with a time code (system process timestamp), a RenSeal can be used for identification. Such usage is not encouraged and will be phased out gradually as the identification solution develops further.

Renaissance EvE

Sensory feedback-based universal abstract identity solution.

EvE reflects Leibnitz's The Identity of Indiscernibles.

EvE for non-tangible creative/digital resource objects

EvE builds the readable interface for media files and, consequently, converts them into accessible and “sensible” Dawn resource objects.

RenEve logo
the Renaissance EvE logo