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Phi Campaign Types

  • ClicKey: Pay-per-click model
  • Social Spirit: Pay-per-impression model

What's Clickey


Phi is the internal code name for MOFFAS' digital marketing module. It builds on top of the traditional affiliate marketing archetype that is being used by an increasing number of businesses around the world. Compared with the traditional model, Phi works with a more complex mechanism that aims to better explore the power of social connection and collaboration and elevating the role of influencers/affiliates.

Notes: Phi = Golden Ratio φ.

Phi is accessible to Mofficers as well as the regular users with limitation, featuring the following programs to help our partners enhance online presence, increase sales or achieve other goals:

- ClicKey: a pay-per-click type of internet marketing and advertisement program. Partners create campaigns and enrolled Mofficers get rewards by facilitating the generation of valid and genuine clicks that meet the requirements set by the partners.
- Social Spirit (coming soon): a variant of ClicKey with a focus on social media marketing (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blog guest posting, etc.). Different from ClicKey, Social Spirit campaigns are impression based.
- Booyah (coming soon): a commission fee scheme to reward referrals upon completion of a sale.

Access and Levels

Any user with an active account can access Phi in Moffice. Only Mofficers can enroll in an existing campaign and initiate a Bloc. In general, Mofficers with higher MXP have earlier access. For some high-reward campaigns, access will be limited to higher-tiered Mofficers.

Dedicated domain: ( is the domain reserved specifically for our growing Phi programs. Once the migration is finished, most of the programs and activities will be moved to for better processing.

Training and Learning

Mofficers will get access to training material on how to use the system and can sign up for newsletter series on this subject.