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Organic Social Networking

Organic social networking (OSN) is a social networking platform model in which services and functionalities are designed, built and delivered in a natural human-centric manner.

MOFFAS' OSN module is codenamed ψ (Psi).
OSN is part of a general human-centric technology ideology.

Main attributes of OSN

Key differences between OSN and the traditional social networking model illustrate its fundamental design concept of a user-centric and public-first experience. OSN requires an "intuitive" and continuous experience - to send messages, leave feedback or express feelings right "on" the target, instead of surfing back to the social networking site or jumping to a third application to take actions. For example, John is browsing a sneaker website and finds a rare pair on In order to share this exciting news, using the traditional model, John will need to send it through email, share to Twitter, etc., all of which involves leaving the current webpage With OSN, John can share the news and connect to the world without leaving the page. His user experience is not interrupted. The user-centric design concept reverses the relationship between the users and the technologies they use. The technologies support and make available mobile, portable and ready-to-go services, decomposing and rebuilding context-aware environment for users as they go about on the Internet.

MOFFAS OSN features

The features are all delivered via the extension. A new mobile App to support these features will be introduced in the future.

  • Vibin': Social networking powered web page rating and mood system.
  • Holler: In-page shoutout messages.
  • Mention: In-page quick and private notification.
  • Streaming: Associate Youtube content with web pages (only Mofficers can attach links). Access to videos that are linked to the current page.