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MXP is an internal points system adopted in the MOFFAS eco-system to record and reward users' activities across the board. While MXP is valued, it should not be confused with Bey, which is the de facto MOFFAS in-house credit/currency. The main purpose of MXP is to determine a user's ranking, contribution and eligibility for advanced programs and high-reward campaigns.

How to earn MXP

Most activities are eligible for earning MXP, with value set changing from time to time. For example, a typical MXP value scheme is like:

  • Profile Created: 1
  • Vibin': 1
  • Manage an event: 5
  • Participate in an event: 1
  • Mention: 1
  • Holler: 1
  • Use the extension: 1/refresh token
  • Sky traffic: 1/visit*
  • Phi program traffic: 1-5/record*

*Rewards are given based on the internet traffic and volume, not users' own activities.