What is Mofficer?

In the Moffas eco-system, Mofficers are the social connectors that connect brands and consumers. They are a unique hybrid of marketers, influencers, community liaisons and consultants with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Depending on their types and ranks, Mofficers are dedicated to:

  • Market and promote brands they are associate with;
  • Communicate with potential consumers and understand their needs;
  • Source, negotiate and curate deals that work best with their communities;
  • Arrange, facilitate and handle sales.

Different types of Mofficer

  • Type A: Standard Mofficer
  • Type B: Super Mofficer
  • Type C: Ambassador
  • Type D: Executive

At the moment, we only enroll Type A Mofficers. Type B will be selected from Type A. The other categories are scheduled to open soon.

How do you apply for Mofficer status?

Although Mofficers have their own separate title, MOFFAS encourages everyone to consider themselves a Mofficer. Any standard user that reaches 10 MXP is welcome to apply for the Mofficer program through the Moffice backend.