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What is Mofficer?

In the Moffas eco-system, Mofficers are the facilitators that connect resources and consumers. They are a unique hybrid of marketers, influencers, community liaisons and lifestyle consultants with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Depending on their types and ranks, Mofficers are to:

  • Market and promote resources;
  • Communicate with potential consumers and understand market demands;
  • Source, negotiate and curate deals that work best with their communities;
  • Arrange, facilitate and manage sales.

Different types of Mofficer

  • Type A: Activist
  • Type B: Platform
  • Type C: Ambassador
  • Type D: Chief

At the moment, we only enroll Type B Mofficers. The other categories are scheduled to open soon.

How do you apply for Mofficer status?

Through the Moffice backend.