Human-centric Technologies

Human-centric technologies is a multidimensional design and development concept. The core ideas are:

  • Technologies are developed for general public.
  • Public interest comes before private profits.
  • Technologies are designed and developed in a way to empower general users and be socially aware.
  • Technologies are designed, developed and delivered in a way to preserve user independence and protect user privacy.
  • Technologies are designed to be intuitive (natural) and non-intrusive, and do not involve a steep learning curve.


Human-centric is sometimes also referred to as people-centric. Both terms can be used interchangeably in most cases. However, based on the context, one may be preferred over the other:

  • Social dimension: people-centric (people as the public)
  • Technological aspect: human-centric (human as user of the technology as opposed to machines)

MOFFAS is designed and built to be a human-centric system.