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Dawn is a computing-powered resource management system that processes resources into computable "meaningful" objects (Dawn Resource Objects).

In practice, Dawn can be seen as a dynamic index operating on a growing understanding of his own content through learning. By doing so, we may connect resources to consumers based on genuine intrinsic qualities. For example, in a perfect system, when a man writes a song, it can reach its audience if the song is "understood" to be "good" for this specific audience. The song does not need to go into a marketing budget competition or wait to be heard by tastemakers. Dawn is the system that supports and ultimately generates such understanding and makes it computable and transactable (with LOVN). Dawn advocates for an alternative smaller-scale Internet visibility/connectivity scheme to the current dominant approach that centers on big data, backlinks and other SEO techniques. Dawn also proposes a true value-based profit model, in the place of Internet advertising.

Dawn natively carries the GEN ai core to compute cognition-related tasks and Renaissance as the data identity solution.


Community-level service nodes for Dawn are called Horizon.

Working with Brahms

Dawn works with Brahms, the in-house market intelligence engine, and delivers at the χ terminal to present information to the public at the user-system interface level.

Working with LOVN

Dawn, representing resources, transacts with Lovn, the user data representation, by directly computing and comparing GEN sets. At the moment, the development of GEN is in a preliminary stage and Dawn primarily relies on arbitrary GEN signatures.