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Cartwheel is suspended while undergoing an overhaul to be compatible with Hillstill.

Cartpool Wheel, simplified as Cartwheel, is a special type of Cartpool, specifically designed to facilitate community sharing of non-physical products, including digital content, shared plans, service packages, memberships and other types of merchandise that are by nature divisible.

Cartwheel resource management is built on top of the Wheel model, which relies on robust group synergies. See the illustration below for the differences between a Wheel and a Platform model. At the moment, the Wheels are inactive as the program is still in the stage of committing enough resource assets.

Platform Model and Wheel Model

Cartwheel is fully supported by Dawn and thus gains connections and access to the consumer side. At the moment, Cartwheel for digital content is available. Content committed to Dawn is processed by Renaissance to ensure data integrity in a distributed environment as Dawn gradually moves towards a decentralized structure.

Meanwhile, as a conceptual scheme, any resource owner can self-host and self-manage an independent Cartwheel program on their own domain. It is fairly easy to develop certain type of "meter" to control access. An independent Cartwheel program is by nature a recurring Cartpool event.

Cartwheel Types

There are three main types of Cartwheel deliverables, characterized by the way resources are shared by Wheel members:

  • Time
  • Volume
  • Unique visits

Cartwheel for digital content uses unique visits by default.