Cartpool is an important MOFFAS feature and technological solution that helps multiple users manage collaborative group shopping tasks in daily scenarios. It is built on the key concept of social shopping and delivers mainly through applications (e.g., the browser extension and, soon, mobile apps).


  • Cartpool (standard): Bundle separate shopping carts into one for single checkout.
  • Cartfill: A special variant of Cartpool, which splits one single order into smaller shares.
  • Promo Party: Affiliate links, coupons, referral codes sharing between event members.


Unless noted otherwise, all Cartpool events are timed and will expire when event end time is reached. Expired events are not valid.


Event format and rules will depend on the event type. In general, event initiators are event admins and can appoint new admins. Event members are able to invite others to join their event but only event admins have the right to approve or deny the join request.


Cartpool is a long-term module that is expected to continuously grow and expand, both horizontally (interaction with other modules) and vertically (own capacity and delivery).