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Bloc is a unit used in Phi programs to represent and recognize a group of people that work together and share one share of reward.

A bloc can comprise from one person to multiple people, depending on the type of the campaign and requirements of the campaign owner/sponsor. In a multi-member Bloc, every Bloc member needs to agree with the rest on how the reward will be distributed.

Bloc key and Bloc link

Each Phi Bloc is uniquely identifiable by a Bloc key (or BloKey), a random string generated and assigned by the system, which is used to construct a unique link (Phi Bloc Link or PBL) for the same purpose.

Bloc Profile

In most cases, every Bloc will have a public profile page to display key information about the Bloc:

  • The campaign name and basic information
  • Campaign Target
  • The reward & criteria
  • The Bloc status
  • The Bloc structure and the Mofficer of the Bloc (certain private information will be hidden)

Please note that your active Bloc links will not lead to this profile page. Rather, they will go straight to the target.

The purpose of maintaining a public page is to keep the information transparent to the Mofficers, campaign sponsors (brands) as well as the public.

Read the introduction below to understand the concept of Blocs.