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Beyto is suspended while undergoing an overhaul to be compatible with Hillstill.

Beyto or, simply, Bey (pronunciation: /baytou/ or /bay/) is MOFFAS' own internal currency, created to better manage and process micro-payment transactions. Beyto is the only payment method accepted for services and products provided by MOFFAS. Mofficers will be rewarded in Beytos as their earnings as well.

Beytos should not be confused with MXP, which is MOFFAS' internal points system.


Conversion rate

1 Beyto = 1 USD

How to purchase Beytos

Beytos can be purchased from the shopping page.

How to cash out Beytos?


When the Beyto balance reaches above 25.00, the system will automatically start to arrange payouts through PayPal. Mofficers can request a payout manually once the balance is over 15.00.


Partners can always request a withdraw or a refund, full or partial, within 180 days of purchase.