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📝 From MOFFAS: Hi Mofficers, this is our first drill. Are you ready? For this ClicKey campaign, we'd like to invite people to visit our website. Just that simple!

Hurry up and skip the line. Remaining quota: 17

*Click traffic is subject to validation. See campaign requirements below for details.
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Campaign for MOFFAS
Type: ClicKey 
Destination URL:
Campaign Requirements: Unique Visits | No VPN | Country: US 
Campaign Status: Expired
Ending in: 0 Day 0 Hour 0 Minute 0 Second
📌 Earnings/valid visit (approx.): 4.00
📌 Current Budget: 64.00
📌 Remaining: 0.00
❓ Don't know what this is?
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💡 Learn about the MOFFAS Phi program
💡 Guide: How to respond to a direct recruit