Understand Bloc profile and unique URL

Bloc is a key infrastructure we put in place to manage and facilitate collaboration between members in Phi campaigns. Its main idea is to allow members to group freely, intelligently and dynamically to achieve max market reach and personal gains. The concept of Bloc might be a bit difficult to grasp in the beginning - just think of it as a (smart) group, but with a contract and is ready to spawn all the time 😁 . 

When you generate an origin Bloc (directly from marketplace or via brand recruit) or spawn a new Bloc from another one, it will get assigned a unique identifier (in most cases, a URL). Its format is usually something like this:

https://heymoffas.com/phi/[some code]

This Phi Bloc Link is your key to reward. Use that in your own marketing efforts to generate profits. You shall always try to use the origin Bloc if there's one for you. If not, pick the one that you get most rewards for. Don't know how to find this information? Keep reading.

All your Blocs can be found in your Moffice, grouped by Campaign they are attached to. Each Bloc can only be attached to one campaign. Bloc is immutable once it is formed. Users can only have one origin Bloc each campaign but be part of many.

Campaign information:

Pay attention to Campaign Status and reward details. If the campaign is not active (due to lack of funds, direct request by campaign sponsor, etc.), it won't be rewarding your work, even if your work is validated. It also won't be sending the visitor directly to target. The visitor will be staying on Bloc profile page (see below).

Click on Bloc Summary to expand. You will get a list of the Blocs you are part of. A Bloc with red border is an origin Bloc. The unique Bloc URL is in the row labeled with [email protected]. Check your reward information, especially that of a non-origin Bloc, which means you will be sharing the reward with other Bloc members.

Click on the scroll icon 📜 to go to the Bloc profile page. If you look closely at the URL, yes, you can also add a "?view=1" to the Bloc URL manually.

Bloc profile is very important: it makes MOFFAS safer and more transparent. Anyone can add a view handle to check the target as well as campaign information of a Bloc URL before they informed decisions. Please note that a visit to the profile page is not a valid entry (eligible for potential reward), but a click to proceed counts as one.

Finally, we have something extra for your phone devices. When we are out and about, it's usually much easier to scan codes than typing letters in the address bar. We've got that covered. When you are on a mobile device, the Bloc profile page will show a QR code button in the top right corner. Tap it and you will have a QR code for the page.

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