How to join a campaign and initiate a Bloc (directly via Marketplace)

Phi campaigns usually issue rewards by Bloc. Therefore, a Bloc with only yourself is the most profitable. In any situation, when you have such an origin Bloc, you should use the unique identifier (a link, in most cases) assigned to it for distribution and promotion. In this tutorial, we will show you how to participate in a Phi campaign through marketplace and seed an origin Bloc. If you cannot see the gif images clearly, remember to zoom in.

Head to your Moffice.

Go to Marketplace

You can see listings in the Marketplace. Read the information and requirements of the campaign. Make sure you also understand the terms of a Phi campaign. You can always review the agreement in the Terms section in your Moffice. Join directly or go to the details page for more.

Click Join and boom - a new Bloc is generated! It's yours! That's your link here. Go tell everyone now!

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