How to use Wishlist, the social bookmarking service

Wishlist is a low-key feature embedded in the organic social networking module of MOFFAS, ψ (Psi), to provide social networking-powered bookmarking service. It can be managed and accessed via the extension

Wishlist is closely related to its sibling feature, Vibin', a social mood system, as well as the Cartpool module. It is considered a matchmaker and canvassing tool for Cartpool.

Wishlist is easy and intuitive to use. Locally, it works like a bookmarking tool. 

Open the social box, click the . It is saved.

So what happens next?

The item is saved to your own list. Go to your Trunk and open the Wishlist panel.

When your friend is on the same page, they will know that it is in your Wishlist too, indicating the possibility of a Cartpool event.

Wishlist data will be included in the big data report anonymously. It is to help us research the general trend and consumer behavior as well as improve our products. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

DO NOT use Wishlist if you do not want it shared with your friends and included in the big data report, anonymously. 

Header image by Avery Evans on Unsplash

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