How to use Vibin', MOFFAS' own social mood/Yelp-like service: Part II

Last time, we introduced how to make Vibin', i.e., to express mood on a web page locally but also globally. This mood is automatically shared with friends. For Mofficers, their Vibes are further shared with their followers.

In this article, we will further examine the social aspect of Vibin'.

When you are on a page where your friends have Vibed, you will see that in the social box.

Expand the social box, you can see the Vibe button running, which indicates that this page is feeling something! Click the button to Vibe. When Vibin' is in action, the page background color will change to flashy colors temporarily. These colors reflect and represent the general Vibes, an average of Vibes of you and your friends/Mofficers, for this page. The redder the color, the better the Vibes we get here.

That's a collective Vibe! And we are thinking about making it more fun and dramatic in the future! 😼 

Now move the mouse over the Friends Vibin' section. You will see a list of how your friends Vibe individually.

Vibin' works closely with other OSN features of MOFFAS, such as the Wishlist, which we will discuss next.

Vibin' data will be included in the big data report anonymously. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

Header image by Cris Trung on Unsplash

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