How to market affiliate links (Part II)

In the last post, we started the discussion on how to market affiliate links better. To sum it up quickly - the most important thing is to establish your own brand and “authority” on the Wild Wild Web. Find your passion, get educated and be a nice person - the best skill is your knowledge and the best target audience always starts with the people around you. Set up your personal blog/site for an isolated space dedicated entirely to yourself. Have that blog address included everywhere. You may use an in-bio link service, like our Sky, to organize and display your important content. Now, you can also bind your blog address in Moffice settings. You will understand why when our next Phi program launches.

In this post, we will focus on the “tools” that can help you market your links better. If you haven’t, you might seriously consider giving Hootsuite and Buffer a try. They both offer free versions, a good start for individual users.

Learn a bit more about “the web”

Affiliate marketers count on the Internet and web applications to do business. In real life, it won’t always be so easy like my mom and her chat groups. If you want a career out of this, it’s a good idea to learn some basics about the technologies underneath. Here are a few categories I’d personally suggest that you get familiar with (and they are NOT difficult):

  • Basic understanding of big data: What’s trending? What are people buying? What does this chart mean? 
  • Google is your best friend. Use Google Trends to find keywords and Google Analytics to track blog/website performance, if applicable. Google also supports advanced search functionalities, such as search for images, prices, social media, similar sites, etc. Read about it in detail on Google.
  • Learn some basic HTML language. Anyone should bookmark this website. It will be your second best friend. The reason to learn some basic HTML and maybe Javascript too is to get you to understand how the Internet works. What happens when people click your link? What's the process that makes sure you get credited for your work? Why will your message get flagged or, even worse, banned? 
  • Learn more about SEO. SEO is actually the simplest one here, although definitely not the easiest. For you to improve your SEO for your site/page, the keyword is still “links.” How many backlinks do you have? How good are those pages that link back to you? Our next Phi program is going to help you with that and then make profits off that boost together.
  • Try a bot. This might seem to come out of left field, but I think you should consider it. There are a number of service providers that offer custom bot services, i.e., you give them account name and criteria, and they run it on their server. Just google “free social media bots” and select one for some limited experience. The reason behind this suggestion is to help you understand how affiliate marketing operates. Technology reduces complex matter that human beings are too smart not to overcomplicate, hence the efficiency. Through the “eyes” of technology, affiliate marketing is probably no more than a script to “find people and tell them about it, using an optimal algorithm.” In the future series, I will introduce some extremely simple scripts for social media promotion bots. You can easily try it at home on your own computer. Welcome to the age of the geek!

Make use of Trove

Although we made a short tutorial about Trove, it’s still not getting the attention it deserves for how much it can do. You can read about Trove in WikiCenter. Here, I am going to use an example to demonstrate its use case. 

Let’s suppose that you are a busy and driven affiliate marketer that works with numerous platforms and independent brands. You will have a list of affiliate links, codes and coupons. Right now you have them organized in an excel sheet or a Google Doc sheet so that you can share with your partners. I’ll assume that’s the standard setup. What Trove does is to modernize that setup. Go to your Moffice, open Trove, add those links to your collection and select how you want to share them, with friends or followers, or rather keep them to yourself. And then the links will be saved to your Trove and, at the same time, pushed to that of the people you’ve chosen to share with (of course, they need to have an account with MOFFAS - taking a moment to mention again that MOFFAS is a platform for all, not just marketers). It’s different than posting on Timelines and lasting for two seconds, because Trove is a designated and manageable space for external links/codes. Sounds useful? That’s not all. With our browser extension (and in the future, our apps), the power of Trove extends beyond this domain. Your links are directly accessible from the extension wherever you are. If you share an affiliate link with Jane and Jane goes to, she will see a popup saying she has an affiliate link from you. 

Your audience get notified when they visit the target

Think about Honey or Rakuten… but YOU are Honey and YOU are Rakuten!

Want to learn more about how to boost your affiliate marketing career? Join MOFFAS and become a Mofficer today. The next decade is going to witness drastic (and brutal) industry shake-ups across the board. Machines and automation are going to take lots of jobs away from human beings. What can we do? The rising of Mofficers, a unique hybrid of lifestyle consultant, influencer, marketer and community liaison, is our humble answer to that challenge. Together, we can build a community that only thrive in times of change like that. 

No membership fee or anything, simply come with your wisdom, passion and determination to be part of a force that might, one day, change the world.

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