Start a personal blog and make a presence for yourself 💝

MOFFAS Best Practice is a series that focuses on helping aspiring members and Mofficers in our community achieve more in the world of e-commerce, digital marketing and beyond. We will explain and offer suggestions on what to try and how to take better advantage of the technologies provided by us and others (free stuff only 😋). You are more than welcome to ask us questions and offer your own opinions.

In this BP post, we want to encourage you to get a personal blog.

Yes, social media is cool. You can easily interact with others and feel like you can reach out to many people. It probably is true and that’s why we want you to keep doing your magic with your social media.

However, social media has limitations when it comes to establishing and building your personal online presence. It is, by design, too transient (unless you get really viral like Grumpy Cat 👼🏻). What’s worse is that, most of the times, your efforts there don’t get recognized by major search engines, which you will need if you care about your digital marketing career in the long run. We are also seeing a huge trend of diligent bots occupying the comment section of every popular post with automatic 1000 likes - it is getting more and more difficult to stand out in the crowd (especially if you know how easy it is to write and run a social media bot…😶 ). 

A blog is something different. Like social media, it is also on the Internet and connected to people, sort of, but it is your own space. The space is about you, your interests, your thoughts and your life, continuously and entirely. Owning such an independent space is critical in the age of Internet and information overload. It is going to be your identification as well as your unique identity, in many ways.

Free Blogging Service Providers:

MOFFAS does not offer blogging service. A few reasons would go into this decision. The most important one, though, is that we believe in freedom, diversity and personalities. We want you to be who you are, be independent and be spontaneous; having a space with a good professional blogging site that you love seems like a much better idea than containing your thoughts and charm in one generic uniform box. At MOFFAS, we always say that we do not want to be another “controlling” platform. Rather, we want to decompose that control and nimbly recreate an experience that works just as great (and benefit more people)!

Here are some free Blogging platforms you might want to take a look at (honestly there are a lot more - google free blogging and you will see a few lists on the first page, such as this one), if you do not have one yet. Look at the template options, layout, design, etc. and go with your heart:

Our suggestion is that you shall start one for free. It will be anchoring on the platform, but it's good enough for a start. And one day, when you are ready, you can have a custom domain site! Okay, we will have that conversation another time!

By the way, why do you think that we want to encourage you to have a personal blog, if right now it sure seems like all that matters is clicks? 👀  Well, that’s because the next Phi program is specifically designed and engineered with your social "clout" in mind. Not only will your blog/personal site presence matter to your earnings but we will also help you grow your own site (ranking, traffic, domain authority, etc.)

Together is indeed better.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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