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Hi Regular Guy - thank you for the question!The original plan was to roll out PPI in the next step. However, PPI requires a much more complex algorithm to fight spams and bots. Our next Phi program is going to target something special.Stay tuned! And to thank you for asking this. We are crediting you with extra MXP.
I sound super congested.... 😂 
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Fancy seeing you here! If you see this post, your journey with MOFFAS is off to a great start! 😁 Feel free to look around and play with anything that you find interesting. In case you need a few ideas, here's what we think that you might wanna try -Download the extension! The extension packs lots of power that adds to what we are offering here. Imagine carrying the MOFFAS magic with you wherever you go (in the WWW, for now)! 👉 Visit your Skylight. Use Sky to display all your wonderful things. It's straightforward, but of course we have a manual for you there as well. 👉Become a Mofficer! Snatch your early bird specials - come make a post here and we'll reward you with enough MXPs to upgrade to Mofficer. What's Mofficer? Great question - let's go here to find out. 👉If you have any questions, just poke me! You can also use our support desk to drop a quick message. 📬 Have fun and enjoy every second of your day! 🎉  💖  mofmof