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At the moment, in some programs, we don't provide media storage space to general members (e.g., Moffice). There are a few options until we increase capacity:

- Use external image 

Some great sites:



and your best friend Google!

- If you have an image of your own that you really want to use, you can upload to a cloud service (Recommended!):

There are a bunch of great service providers and even after we enable the service in the future -  we still encourage you to follow this practice as it not only makes all your media files organized but also saves energy and resources! 🌱 



- If you really really want to save it with us, here's the trick: simply upload it as a timeline status post and link it back.

Upload it like a normal post.

 Right click on the post and find the URL in the new tab address bar.

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Moffice is an in-bio link service that we provide to our members for free. In addition to the basic functions you find in other providers on the market (e.g., LinkTree, etc.), Moffice has native connections to and support for the Phi and events modules, making it an "office" for all your MOFFAS activities 😁 . Click to learn more about Moffice.

  Please note that we might check your links for virus or any malicious scripts. Read our terms again to understand our zero tolerance policy towards cyber security.

- Add a basic entry

- Add an entry with an image

- Add an entry Youtube video

Copy and paste the Youtube video URL directly:

How's everyone feeling?

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Trove is a special reserved space in the Phi Workstation for users to organize, manage and operate their non-Phi affiliate marketing campaigns. Mofficers have the privilege of adding their affiliate links to this section and share them with specific groups (e.g., friends, followers, etc.). Users in these authorized groups are able to access the content in their own Trove as well as via the browser extension. 

- Click the 📎  icon to access Trove in the Phi Workstation

- Click the red + button for the form

- Enter some basic information of your link and choose who you want this link shared with. Click enter and it's done! 🎉 

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Check the extension page for more information. 

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For each campaign, the campaign sponsor (the brand) can recruit people to join their campaign directly. When you receive such a link, congratulations - you can skip the line. 

If you are not a Mofficer at the moment, you will still need to enroll in the Phi program first, so please read the Phi program terms carefully and act accordingly. 👇 

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Fancy seeing you here! If you see this post, your journey with MOFFAS is off to a great start! 😁 

Feel free to look around and play with anything that you find interesting. In case you need a few ideas, here's what we think that you might wanna try -

  • Download the extension! The extension packs lots of power that adds to what we are offering here. Imagine carrying the MOFFAS magic with you wherever you go (in the WWW, for now)! 👉 
  • Try Moffice. If you are an affiliate marketer or brand, use Moffice to display all your wonderful things. It's straightforward, but of course we have a manual for you there as well. 👉
  • Become a Mofficer! Snatch your early bird specials - come make a post here and we'll reward you with enough MXPs to upgrade to Mofficer. What's Mofficer? Great question - let's go here to find out. 👉

If you have any questions, just poke me! You can also use our support desk to drop a quick message. 📬 

Have fun and enjoy every second of your day! 🎉  

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Fancy seeing you here! If you see this post, your journey with MOFFAS is off to a great start! 😁&nbs…
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