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If you are new to MOFFAS and wonder how to join a campaign by responding to direct recruit, this tutorial might help you! 🏄‍♂️

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MOFFAS advocates transparency. Since Phi involves issuing monetary rewards to participants, we feel obligated to make the process and data public (sans private information, of course). We are hoping that measures like this can help us further build trust in our community and, more importantly, bring confidence and pride to our members.

How to get to the Log:

Go to

Or use the public menu in your site navigation bar - select "Logs"

What's in there?

For now, it shows all the data we received in the Phi programs, both raw and processed. The below screen capture gives a basic idea - what the data is for, processing status, campaign information, and IP (hashed to protect privacy).

The Logs will become even more important when we have special events running that give out high-value rewards.

Have any questions? Drop a question below.

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Hey guys,

Welcome to MOFFAS. This is a simple video to walk you through the first few steps in becoming a MOFFAS superstar! Leave your thoughts or ask any questions.

So happy to see you here!!! 🎉 

Thank you for the question. Robyn can answer that.

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Wishlist is a low-key feature embedded in the organic social networking module of MOFFAS, ψ (Psi), to provide social networking-powered bookmarking service. It can be managed and accessed via the extension

Wishlist is closely related to its sibling feature, Vibin', a social mood system, as well as the Cartpool module. It is considered a matchmaker and canvassing tool for Cartpool.

Wishlist is easy and intuitive to use. Locally, it works like a bookmarking tool. 

Open the social box, click the . It is saved.

So what happens next?

The item is saved to your own list. Go to your Trunk and open the Wishlist panel.

When your friend is on the same page, they will know that it is in your Wishlist too, indicating the possibility of a Cartpool event.

Wishlist data will be included in the big data report anonymously. It is to help us research the general trend and consumer behavior as well as improve our products. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

DO NOT use Wishlist if you do not want it shared with your friends and included in the big data report, anonymously. 

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Last time, we introduced how to make Vibin', i.e., to express mood on a web page locally but also globally. This mood is automatically shared with friends. For Mofficers, their Vibes are further shared with their followers.

In this article, we will further examine the social aspect of Vibin'.

When you are on a page where your friends have Vibed, you will see that in the social box.

Expand the social box, you can see the Vibe button running, which indicates that this page is feeling something! Click the button to Vibe. When Vibin' is in action, the page background color will change to flashy colors temporarily. These colors reflect and represent the general Vibes, an average of Vibes of you and your friends/Mofficers, for this page. The redder the color, the better the Vibes we get here.

That's a collective Vibe! And we are thinking about making it more fun and dramatic in the future! 😼 

Now move the mouse over the Friends Vibin' section. You will see a list of how your friends Vibe individually.

Vibin' works closely with other OSN features of MOFFAS, such as the Wishlist, which we will discuss next.

Vibin' data will be included in the big data report anonymously. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

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We'll take a break from Phi in this article and discuss one of the key social features, Vibin'.

Vibin' is a social networking-powered universal rating system, delivered through the MOFFAS browser extension. Vibin' allows users to rate or simply share feelings ("Vibes") about the page they are on. Other than some major portal sites where MOFFAS extension is disabled (for example, Google...), users can rate/Vibe with any page on the WWW. Details of the ratings are not shared with any other parties, except the friends of users. For Mofficers, their Vibin' results will be pushed to their followers, additionally.

Browser extension: Social Box 

Set your Vibe - it's that simple

Now, when your friends are shopping the Simpsons candies - they will know you feel really 😍  about it! I mean, it does look very 😍.

Next: Part II

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Every MOFFAS member has their MXP, a metric system we use to track and quantify a member's activities, achievements and progress within the MOFFAS system. The higher one's MXP is, the better access he or she will have to our products and services across the board. In this article, we will explain this Seniority Rule in more detail (especially its application in Phi programs) and introduce a few ways to boost your MXP.


When a Phi campaign is created, it will be assigned a clearance level requirement. For example, if a campaign requires clearance level 3, then members with level 2 and below won't be able to participate in it or, are largely limited, at least. For most ClicKey campaigns, the clearance level requirement is automatically set to the lowest by default for maximum reach and exposure. For other type of campaigns, though, especially the ones that involve one single payout of a high amount, for example, a bounty event, the access will be limited as the system or the campaign sponsor sees fit. The clearance structure plays a critical role, along with our encryption module, to keep part of or, the full, campaign private and secure, with flexible visibility and data transferability.

Higher MXP upgrades a member's clearance level. When two Mofficers have the same clearance level are compared, the system favors the one with the higher MXP. When they also share the same MXP figure, the system favors the one with the earlier enrollment date with us.

MXP in ClicKey

As we mentioned above, most, if not all, ClicKey campaigns require the lowest clearance level, i.e., the member's clearance level is disregarded in these cases. Then does one's MXP affect their access to the campaign then? The answer is yes, loud and clear.

Unless the member is invited directly by the campaign sponsor (the party that's putting out the campaign and paying) and able to skip the waiting line, he or she can only initiate an Origin Bloc after the campaign is made accessible to them. This access date/time depends on the member's MXP (percentile). Members of a higher percentile enjoy a considerable lead of hours over those of lower ones. For instance, John is a 98% percentile Mofficer and thus has a 6-hour earlier access time than Jenny, whose MXP ranks her at 50% percentile, to a standard ClicKey campaign.  

How to check MXP and percentile

MXP and percentile information can be accessed in the Reports tab of a member's Moffice.

How to gain MXP

We've established the importance of MXP - then what are some of the better ways to improve it? It really goes back to the question how the MXP is calculated. Although the system self-adjusts the value of different activities from time to time, the main factors that reward MXP are, in general, as follows:

  • The use of the extension

  • Social features such as Holler, Mention, etc. through the extension

  • Sky traffic

  • Cartpool event participation and administration

  • Phi program traffic (even when the data is not good for a campaign reward, it is acknowledged by the system and reflected in MXP)

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When marketing your affiliate links (in our case, Phi Bloc Links) on social media platforms -

Always disclose.

Always transparent. 

Not only is it required by the law, but it is also simply the right thing to do. 

Reference: Read FTC rules on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and disclosure.

Being transparent builds trust, which is the corner stone for long-term success and hard to have a second chance with. In the age of Internet and social media, having that trust from your audience can take you a long way and is the foundation for many other ventures.

MOFFAS advocates transparency. Our digital marketing module, Phi, has a built-in disclosure mechanism, Bloc Profile, detailing critical information regarding the Phi campaign it is attached to. Marketers/Mofficers are encouraged to take full advantage of this mechanism to maintain and facilitate a professional, non-intrusive and respectful marketing approach. 

How to check a Bloc with a Phi Bloc Link or Bloc key.

While having a disclosure within or alongside affiliate marketing content is a must-do, how to do it really depends on the person and the platform. Being a little creative is our best advice. 🎨  For our dear Mofficers, here's what I think, by platform:

Blogs/personal sites: no word limits. You can put a simple cute disclosure paragraph at the end of your article, with the URL to the Bloc Profile page included. If people want to know more, they are welcome to take a look at the page.

Twitter: this is tricky. I see many other people suggesting the use of a hashtag #ad. Well, sure, you can do that too since it definitely saves space, but having an #ad might make the tweet seem a little too commercial and transactional. Unlike a longer article or post, a short tweet is all is there to see and it might kill the enthusiasm easily. Considering the character limits, my suggestion is to use an in-bio service with your genuine message when a link is involved. Put the disclosure paragraph as the title for the link entry. MOFFAS has a free in-house in-bio link service, Sky, which packs a Bloc checker and might come handy when your audience need some confidence and understanding of the affiliate content. In a situation where the endorsement does not involve an affiliate link, for example, you are paid to review some product, using a custom hashtag designed by yourself and explain what it means in your bio section might be an interesting method for you to explore. Make sure your audience still understand it clearly that it's of affiliate nature to comply with the FTC rules. An example will be something like #sponsored&sincere, giving it a warm and human touch.

Facebook: flexible. Facebook does not impose strict word limits for posts so you can just treat it as a (shorter) blog post and disclose in a similar fashion. 

Instagram: definitely in-bio link services. Instagram does not allow hyperlinks in descriptions. All links have to go live on an in-bio page. Depending on the nature of the product and your own "brand image," you can either disclose in the description text body or with the link in the in-bio page. When there's no link involved, the custom hashtag method we are recommending in the Twitter section might also be a good idea for IG.

Well, what about outside social media platforms? What about sending it in a group chat?

My personal experience is that we always mention it and...

nobody really cares whether that is affiliate or not... 😂 

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For each campaign, the campaign sponsor (the brand) can recruit people to join their campaign directly. When you receive such a link, congratulations - you can skip the line. 

If you prefer to learn from a tutorial video, click to jump to the end of the post.

Click "Get my reward link" on the page. It will take you to the marketplace page for this campaign.

If you are not signed in, click sign in.

If you don't have an account with us, take a minute to sign up! You'll need a personal account to be a Mofficer. Organization accounts are for our partners. 

If you are not a Mofficer at the moment, you will still need to enroll in the Phi program first.

Please read the Phi program terms carefully and act accordingly. If you have questions, contact us any time. 👇

Click join and you will get your origin Bloc generated for you. 

For ClicKey campaigns:

The link enclosed is your unique Phi Bloc Link ("PBL"). When someone clicks on your PBL, we will log it for processing. If it is a valid click, then you will get the reward posted to your Beyto account immediately. 

Tutorial Video:

Now with your own link, what's the next step?

Learn how to work on a ClicKey campaign.

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Although we encourage the adoption of full transparency, it is understandable that sometimes Mofficers might want to hide certain information from the public, especially when it comes to payout. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set that transparency level.

Go to your Moffice and click the "Preferences" tab.

Find Transparency Settings section on the page.

Select your level. Semi transparency for Bloc Profile page will hide the actual reward and use a generic term instead.Set your transparency level

Let's see how a Bloc Profile page look like when the Bloc Mofficer's transparency is set to Semi.

Average Reward

Reward is higher than average priceReward is higher than average price

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns. 😃 

Header image by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash  

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The most common Phi campaign type is ClicKey, a marketing program built on the pay per click model

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

In a ClicKey campaign, the marketers will get assigned a unique link through their Blocs and they are eligible for rewards when this link gets clicked. To learn more about Blocs and how to manage the Bloc system in Moffice:

To learn how to find a join a ClicKey campaign:

How to market my Phi Bloc link (PBL) and get more clicks:

Basically, friends and family, social media, and your personal blog will be a good place for that. Make sure you don't disturb other people and don't get labeled as a "spammer," either by other users or platforms.

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