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For each campaign, the campaign sponsor (the brand) can recruit people to join their campaign directly. When you receive such a link, congratulations - you can skip the line. 

If you prefer to learn from a tutorial video, click to jump to the end of the post.

Click "Get my reward link" on the page. It will take you to the marketplace page for this campaign.

If you are not signed in, click sign in.

If you don't have an account with us, take a minute to sign up! You'll need a personal account to be a Mofficer. Organization accounts are for our partners. 

If you are not a Mofficer at the moment, you will still need to enroll in the Phi program first.

Please read the Phi program terms carefully and act accordingly. If you have questions, contact us any time. 👇

Click join and you will get your origin Bloc generated for you. 

For ClicKey campaigns:

The link enclosed is your unique Phi Bloc Link ("PBL"). When someone clicks on your PBL, we will log it for processing. If it is a valid click, then you will get the reward posted to your Beyto account immediately. 

Tutorial Video:

Now with your own link, what's the next step?

Learn how to work on a ClicKey campaign.

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MOFFAS advocates transparency. Since Phi involves issuing monetary rewards to participants, we feel obligated to make the process and data public (sans private information, of course). We are hoping that measures like this can help us further build trust in our community and, more importantly, bring confidence and pride to our members.

How to get to the Log:

Go to

Or use the public menu in your site navigation bar - select "Logs"

What's in there?

For now, it shows all the data we received in the Phi programs, both raw and processed. The below screen capture gives a basic idea - what the data is for, processing status, campaign information, and IP (hashed to protect privacy).

The Logs will become even more important when we have special events running that give out high-value rewards.

Have any questions? Drop a question below.

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Wishlist is a low-key feature embedded in the organic social networking module of MOFFAS, ψ (Psi), to provide social networking-powered bookmarking service. It can be managed and accessed via the extension

Wishlist is closely related to its sibling feature, Vibin', a social mood system, as well as the Cartpool module. It is considered a matchmaker and canvassing tool for Cartpool.

Wishlist is easy and intuitive to use. Locally, it works like a bookmarking tool. 

Open the social box, click the . It is saved.

So what happens next?

The item is saved to your own list. Go to your Trunk and open the Wishlist panel.

When your friend is on the same page, they will know that it is in your Wishlist too, indicating the possibility of a Cartpool event.

Wishlist data will be included in the big data report anonymously. It is to help us research the general trend and consumer behavior as well as improve our products. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

DO NOT use Wishlist if you do not want it shared with your friends and included in the big data report, anonymously. 

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In the last post, we started the discussion on how to market affiliate links better. To sum it up quickly - the most important thing is to establish your own brand and “authority” on the Wild Wild Web. Find your passion, get educated and be a nice person - the best skill is your knowledge and the best target audience always starts with the people around you. Set up your personal blog/site for an isolated space dedicated entirely to yourself. Have that blog address included everywhere. You may use an in-bio link service, like our Sky, to organize and display your important content. Now, you can also bind your blog address in Moffice settings. You will understand why when our next Phi program launches.

In this post, we will focus on the “tools” that can help you market your links better. If you haven’t, you might seriously consider giving Hootsuite and Buffer a try. They both offer free versions, a good start for individual users.

Learn a bit more about “the web”

Affiliate marketers count on the Internet and web applications to do business. In real life, it won’t always be so easy like my mom and her chat groups. If you want a career out of this, it’s a good idea to learn some basics about the technologies underneath. Here are a few categories I’d personally suggest that you get familiar with (and they are NOT difficult):

  • Basic understanding of big data: What’s trending? What are people buying? What does this chart mean? 
  • Google is your best friend. Use Google Trends to find keywords and Google Analytics to track blog/website performance, if applicable. Google also supports advanced search functionalities, such as search for images, prices, social media, similar sites, etc. Read about it in detail on Google.
  • Learn some basic HTML language. Anyone should bookmark this website. It will be your second best friend. The reason to learn some basic HTML and maybe Javascript too is to get you to understand how the Internet works. What happens when people click your link? What's the process that makes sure you get credited for your work? Why will your message get flagged or, even worse, banned? 
  • Learn more about SEO. SEO is actually the simplest one here, although definitely not the easiest. For you to improve your SEO for your site/page, the keyword is still “links.” How many backlinks do you have? How good are those pages that link back to you? Our next Phi program is going to help you with that and then make profits off that boost together.
  • Try a bot. This might seem to come out of left field, but I think you should consider it. There are a number of service providers that offer custom bot services, i.e., you give them account name and criteria, and they run it on their server. Just google “free social media bots” and select one for some limited experience. The reason behind this suggestion is to help you understand how affiliate marketing operates. Technology reduces complex matter that human beings are too smart not to overcomplicate, hence the efficiency. Through the “eyes” of technology, affiliate marketing is probably no more than a script to “find people and tell them about it, using an optimal algorithm.” In the future series, I will introduce some extremely simple scripts for social media promotion bots. You can easily try it at home on your own computer. Welcome to the age of the geek!

Make use of Trove

Although we made a short tutorial about Trove, it’s still not getting the attention it deserves for how much it can do. You can read about Trove in WikiCenter. Here, I am going to use an example to demonstrate its use case. 

Let’s suppose that you are a busy and driven affiliate marketer that works with numerous platforms and independent brands. You will have a list of affiliate links, codes and coupons. Right now you have them organized in an excel sheet or a Google Doc sheet so that you can share with your partners. I’ll assume that’s the standard setup. What Trove does is to modernize that setup. Go to your Moffice, open Trove, add those links to your collection and select how you want to share them, with friends or followers, or rather keep them to yourself. And then the links will be saved to your Trove and, at the same time, pushed to that of the people you’ve chosen to share with (of course, they need to have an account with MOFFAS - taking a moment to mention again that MOFFAS is a platform for all, not just marketers). It’s different than posting on Timelines and lasting for two seconds, because Trove is a designated and manageable space for external links/codes. Sounds useful? That’s not all. With our browser extension (and in the future, our apps), the power of Trove extends beyond this domain. Your links are directly accessible from the extension wherever you are. If you share an affiliate link with Jane and Jane goes to, she will see a popup saying she has an affiliate link from you. 

Your audience get notified when they visit the target

Think about Honey or Rakuten… but YOU are Honey and YOU are Rakuten!

Want to learn more about how to boost your affiliate marketing career? Join MOFFAS and become a Mofficer today. The next decade is going to witness drastic (and brutal) industry shake-ups across the board. Machines and automation are going to take lots of jobs away from human beings. What can we do? The rising of Mofficers, a unique hybrid of lifestyle consultant, influencer, marketer and community liaison, is our humble answer to that challenge. Together, we can build a community that only thrive in times of change like that. 

No membership fee or anything, simply come with your wisdom, passion and determination to be part of a force that might, one day, change the world.

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Some members have mentioned to us that there are too many buttons in Moffice and sometimes they feel confused. In this tutorial video series, we will show you what each section of Moffice does and how they all work together to maximize your efficiency.

You can always access your Moffice directly from your home page.

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Bloc is a key concept of Phi. For that reason, we made a special tutorial just to explore the Bloc section of Moffice. Jump in!

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Sometimes, you might wonder what a Bloc is about and people that do not know about MOFFAS might have doubts about a Phi link you send over (virus? bad agent?). That's why we always want to make it extra transparent. Other than adding a "?view=1" directly to the URL, you can also use the Bloc Checker to pull up the Bloc profile page. Enter the full URL or simply the Bloc Key, whichever is more convenient. 

You may access Bloc Checker from the Help submenu, the homepage as well as the Login form (for visitors).

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Every MOFFAS member has their MXP, a metric system we use to track and quantify a member's activities, achievements and progress within the MOFFAS system. The higher one's MXP is, the better access he or she will have to our products and services across the board. In this article, we will explain this Seniority Rule in more detail (especially its application in Phi programs) and introduce a few ways to boost your MXP.


When a Phi campaign is created, it will be assigned a clearance level requirement. For example, if a campaign requires clearance level 3, then members with level 2 and below won't be able to participate in it or, are largely limited, at least. For most ClicKey campaigns, the clearance level requirement is automatically set to the lowest by default for maximum reach and exposure. For other type of campaigns, though, especially the ones that involve one single payout of a high amount, for example, a bounty event, the access will be limited as the system or the campaign sponsor sees fit. The clearance structure plays a critical role, along with our encryption module, to keep part of or, the full, campaign private and secure, with flexible visibility and data transferability.

Higher MXP upgrades a member's clearance level. When two Mofficers have the same clearance level are compared, the system favors the one with the higher MXP. When they also share the same MXP figure, the system favors the one with the earlier enrollment date with us.

MXP in ClicKey

As we mentioned above, most, if not all, ClicKey campaigns require the lowest clearance level, i.e., the member's clearance level is disregarded in these cases. Then does one's MXP affect their access to the campaign then? The answer is yes, loud and clear.

Unless the member is invited directly by the campaign sponsor (the party that's putting out the campaign and paying) and able to skip the waiting line, he or she can only initiate an Origin Bloc after the campaign is made accessible to them. This access date/time depends on the member's MXP (percentile). Members of a higher percentile enjoy a considerable lead of hours over those of lower ones. For instance, John is a 98% percentile Mofficer and thus has a 6-hour earlier access time than Jenny, whose MXP ranks her at 50% percentile, to a standard ClicKey campaign.  

How to check MXP and percentile

MXP and percentile information can be accessed in the Reports tab of a member's Moffice.

How to gain MXP

We've established the importance of MXP - then what are some of the better ways to improve it? It really goes back to the question how the MXP is calculated. Although the system self-adjusts the value of different activities from time to time, the main factors that reward MXP are, in general, as follows:

  • The use of the extension

  • Social features such as Holler, Mention, etc. through the extension

  • Sky traffic

  • Cartpool event participation and administration

  • Phi program traffic (even when the data is not good for a campaign reward, it is acknowledged by the system and reflected in MXP)

Photo by Paula Brustur on Unsplash

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Bloc is a key infrastructure we put in place to manage and facilitate collaboration between members in Phi campaigns. Its main idea is to allow members to group freely, intelligently and dynamically to achieve max market reach and personal gains. The concept of Bloc might be a bit difficult to grasp in the beginning - just think of it as a (smart) group, but with a contract and is ready to spawn all the time 😁

When you generate an origin Bloc (directly from marketplace or via brand recruit) or spawn a new Bloc from another one, it will get assigned a unique identifier (in most cases, a URL). Its format is usually something like this:[some code]

This Phi Bloc Link is your key to reward. Use that in your own marketing efforts to generate profits. You shall always try to use the origin Bloc if there's one for you. If not, pick the one that you get most rewards for. Don't know how to find this information? Keep reading.

All your Blocs can be found in your Moffice, grouped by Campaign they are attached to. Each Bloc can only be attached to one campaign. Bloc is immutable once it is formed. Users can only have one origin Bloc each campaign but be part of many.

Campaign information:

Pay attention to Campaign Status and reward details. If the campaign is not active (due to lack of funds, direct request by campaign sponsor, etc.), it won't be rewarding your work, even if your work is validated. It also won't be sending the visitor directly to target. The visitor will be staying on Bloc profile page (see below).

Click on Bloc Summary to expand. You will get a list of the Blocs you are part of. A Bloc with red border is an origin Bloc. The unique Bloc URL is in the row labeled with [email protected] Check your reward information, especially that of a non-origin Bloc, which means you will be sharing the reward with other Bloc members.

Click on the scroll icon 📜 to go to the Bloc profile page. If you look closely at the URL, yes, you can also add a "?view=1" to the Bloc URL manually.

Bloc profile is very important: it makes MOFFAS safer and more transparent. Anyone can add a view handle to check the target as well as campaign information of a Bloc URL before they informed decisions. Please note that a visit to the profile page is not a valid entry (eligible for potential reward), but a click to proceed counts as one.

Finally, we have something extra for your phone devices. When we are out and about, it's usually much easier to scan codes than typing letters in the address bar. We've got that covered. When you are on a mobile device, the Bloc profile page will show a QR code button in the top right corner. Tap it and you will have a QR code for the page.

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Although we encourage the adoption of full transparency, it is understandable that sometimes Mofficers might want to hide certain information from the public, especially when it comes to payout. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set that transparency level.

Go to your Moffice and click the "Preferences" tab.

Find Transparency Settings section on the page.

Select your level. Semi transparency for Bloc Profile page will hide the actual reward and use a generic term instead.Set your transparency level

Let's see how a Bloc Profile page look like when the Bloc Mofficer's transparency is set to Semi.

Average Reward

Reward is higher than average priceReward is higher than average price

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns. 😃 

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In this short video, we take a good look at the Preferences section. 😎 

And of course you'll hear more of Robyn's nagging... 😑 

Update: apologies for the volume issue - we fixed that and now adding the short Part III on Reports, Terms and Support sections.

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Last time, we introduced how to make Vibin', i.e., to express mood on a web page locally but also globally. This mood is automatically shared with friends. For Mofficers, their Vibes are further shared with their followers.

In this article, we will further examine the social aspect of Vibin'.

When you are on a page where your friends have Vibed, you will see that in the social box.

Expand the social box, you can see the Vibe button running, which indicates that this page is feeling something! Click the button to Vibe. When Vibin' is in action, the page background color will change to flashy colors temporarily. These colors reflect and represent the general Vibes, an average of Vibes of you and your friends/Mofficers, for this page. The redder the color, the better the Vibes we get here.

That's a collective Vibe! And we are thinking about making it more fun and dramatic in the future! 😼 

Now move the mouse over the Friends Vibin' section. You will see a list of how your friends Vibe individually.

Vibin' works closely with other OSN features of MOFFAS, such as the Wishlist, which we will discuss next.

Vibin' data will be included in the big data report anonymously. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

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