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Mention is a useful OSN feature that hasn't been mentioned enough. It is a replacement for awkwardly copying and pasting the hyperlink when you find something interesting on the Internet. So instead of putting a long link in an email or spamming your own social media feed, simply @ them where it is.

We recently added a new highlight function to it so now you can also highlight a paragraph on any website for your friends to see. Sounds nice? It is super easy to use too.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Support for consumer activism is a big part of the latest Panta Rhei upgrade. It symbolizes consumer empowerment and emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibilities. In this tutorial, we will learn how to take advantage of this new feature to take a stand for something you care about in the age of e-commerce (because holding a banner in front of a supermarket is probably not enough anymore). It’s worth mentioning that this feature was rushed out and introduced earlier than originally planned due to the war in Ukraine. We feel this is the best (and likely the only effective) way for us to do something slightly meaningful. For the same reason, we are also preparing to publish the extension in the European markets.

Aware Program (Lova)

We built the consumer activism feature into Aware, part of Lova, which we will introduce another time. It can be accessed from the main view in the extension.

Choose causes

From the Aware window, you can choose cases to subscribe to. Cases are lists of information that are constructed around specific topics or themes. Some cases are labeled explicitly as boycott or support material while others can be neutral and generic information. At the moment, in order to prevent abuse, only members with high clearance can publish their own lists (with explanations). However, we do welcome all members to submit ideas for Brahms to incorporate them into the database. We are also working on a better algorithm to generate fact-based lists that support multi-degree connections (e.g., a subsidiary of a subsidiary of something you love or hate). 

Express yourself

After you subscribe to a case, your extension will notify you whenever you come across something on the Internet that meets the criteria (you’ll see a fist emoji ✊). For now, we are only scanning heading sections of webpages (in most cases, these are the product titles). As Robbie gets smarter, we are expecting to expand the scope. The matching will not be 100% as some brand names are not uniquely identifiable and website designs vary from one to another.

Let's see how it works in action. For example, we want to see how Poland Spring, a Nestle company, is doing on Amazon. 

Great - we already see the fists rising up. Now we go into individual pages, where our feature works the best since most websites do not use h1 or h2 tags for list item titles (Amazon here is an exception). 

What does this fist do? Ha, it does a little more than just “being there” and showing some spirit. First, hover on the fist and we will show you why you are seeing this badge (hey, because you subscribe to the Nestle case! That's the whole point of calling this feature "aware" - people often lose track of who's who and what's what).

Click on the fist and find out what it actually does (graphic content warning ⚠️  #nsfw lol).

The two buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Choose your response and act on it. By the way, we will give a couple more emoji options in the next update.


After you express yourself, the response is recorded and a signature will be sent to our public registry (please note that the response box will show up only once per refresh). To protect your privacy, by default, the signature to be used is your Robbie’s uid/alias. If you want to put your name on it, sure, change it in the panel (click the button that says "Switch to XXX"). Only one signature per user is recognized per URL.

The Square

While most activities are done through the extension and, soon, the mobile apps, we do have a place for your activism on the main website. Although the Square is designed to also feature other types of events, it is reserved now for the Aware program because of the aforementioned reason. 🌻 

Use keyboard or mouse wheel to navigate. Press Enter or click on a file to go to its profile page. You can see the signatures here and each signature also links back to the page where it is left. As more signatures come in, we will upgrade the visual effects to reflect volumes on brand pages. These individual profiles can also contain detailed information regarding the reasons for boycott/support/awareness and display a report generated by the Mill.

Your voice matters. We want to help you amplify that.

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Wishlist is a low-key feature embedded in the organic social networking module of MOFFAS, ψ (Psi), to provide social networking-powered bookmarking service. It can be managed and accessed via the extension

Wishlist is closely related to its sibling feature, Vibin', a social mood system, as well as the Cartpool module. It is considered a matchmaker and canvassing tool for Cartpool.

Wishlist is easy and intuitive to use. Locally, it works like a bookmarking tool. 

Open the social box, click the . It is saved.

So what happens next?

The item is saved to your own list. Go to your Trunk and open the Wishlist panel.

When your friend is on the same page, they will know that it is in your Wishlist too, indicating the possibility of a Cartpool event.

Wishlist data will be included in the big data report anonymously. It is to help us research the general trend and consumer behavior as well as improve our products. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

DO NOT use Wishlist if you do not want it shared with your friends and included in the big data report, anonymously. 

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Last time, we introduced how to make Vibin', i.e., to express mood on a web page locally but also globally. This mood is automatically shared with friends. For Mofficers, their Vibes are further shared with their followers.

In this article, we will further examine the social aspect of Vibin'.

When you are on a page where your friends have Vibed, you will see that in the social box.

Expand the social box, you can see the Vibe button running, which indicates that this page is feeling something! Click the button to Vibe. When Vibin' is in action, the page background color will change to flashy colors temporarily. These colors reflect and represent the general Vibes, an average of Vibes of you and your friends/Mofficers, for this page. The redder the color, the better the Vibes we get here.

That's a collective Vibe! And we are thinking about making it more fun and dramatic in the future! 😼 

Now move the mouse over the Friends Vibin' section. You will see a list of how your friends Vibe individually.

Vibin' works closely with other OSN features of MOFFAS, such as the Wishlist, which we will discuss next.

Vibin' data will be included in the big data report anonymously. If you are a Mofficer, you will be provided with an anonymous big data report on your followers (identities hidden), as business intelligence, when it becomes available.

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We'll take a break from Phi in this article and discuss one of the key social features, Vibin'.

Vibin' is a social networking-powered universal rating system, delivered through the MOFFAS browser extension. Vibin' allows users to rate or simply share feelings ("Vibes") about the page they are on. Other than some major portal sites where MOFFAS extension is disabled (for example, Google...), users can rate/Vibe with any page on the WWW. Details of the ratings are not shared with any other parties, except the friends of users. For Mofficers, their Vibin' results will be pushed to their followers, additionally.

Browser extension: Social Box 

Set your Vibe - it's that simple

Now, when your friends are shopping the Simpsons candies - they will know you feel really 😍  about it! I mean, it does look very 😍.

Next: Part II

Header image: Stefan Grage on Unsplash