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Officially detaching application-level services (Cartpool, Cartwheel, Cartfill, Holler, etc.) in order to transition to . They will be brought back later in new formats that comply with the system.

Upgrading Dawn! Major changes incoming.

Excited to share the news that we've started working on the long-awaited app! Quite different than anything that is on the market today, the new app, part of the LOVA system, is designed and built to be human-centric. 

Dawn is starting to poll non-eCommerce sites, focusing on healthy lifestyle, creative content, social activism and sustainability.

We've mapped 400 resource suppliers in Dawn!

We've booted the first Horizon trial node! One step closer to decentralizing user-side data.

You can now check content through Renaissance Terminal. Enter the content remote URL and see if it is committed to Dawn.

Moving towards a more decentralized Internet! We've started the spawning process of Dawn Lighthouse nodes.

How to check if your business is mapped by Dawn? Simply type your website or brand name in the home page search box and find out in a second.  

So happy to finally release the first look of the new MOFFAS: Panta Rhei!