On this page, you will find helpful information regarding the functionalities and usage of the MOFFAS browser extension. 

Download the browser extension for Chrome OS.

What's the purpose of the browser extension?

The most fundamental idea of MOFFAS is to deliver a decentralized platform-like user experience without a controlling platform to diminish individuality, on both the user and the service provider end. To put it simply, MOFFAS wants to make every online presence independent, one of its kind, yet still connected and empowering each other. 

As one of the core components of the MOFFAS system, the browser extension creates a private and injectable mezzanine space between the user and website content to provide such platform-like experience. With the added support and features the extension proudly packs, the users stay connected to MOFFAS, with full access to the functionalities, while being on another website or, as a matter of fact, any website on the WWW.

We are constantly improving and upgrading the extension. As of now, the extension features:

  • Shopping cart consolidation (for your group shopping activities)
  • Coupon/referral code sharing.
  • Communication (mentioning, chatting and leaving fun messages)
  • Rating and mood sharing.
  • Access to certain Phi services (affiliate links/codes sharing).