Q: I followed the instructions and cannot register an account. What can I do?

A: Hey there - please get in touch with us if this is the case with you. You can reach us through contact page.

Q: It says my account is not confirmed. What went wrong?

A: It means your email is not verified. Did you get an email from us? If not, please check your spam folder. Click the link enclosed in the email and activate your account!

Q: I don't want to share my birthday, but I see it's mandatory.

A: Yes, it is to check if you meet the age requirement. You can toggle the privacy setting to make it visible only to you or your friends.

Q: I cannot upload profile picture. Help!

A: You might want to upgrade your browser or try a different browser. It's usually due to the browser configuration issues. 

Q: I signed up because I want to be a Mofficer. How do I get MXP fast?

A: You can find detailed answers here. We do recommend that you download the extension first. 

Q: I am more like a phone person. How should I operate?

A: We do have Apps on iOS and Android. The Apps are basic for now, but we are working on a very major upgrade. Stay tuned!


Q: Is there a faster way to become a Mofficer?

A: Yes, through direct recruit. You may request one directly from us also.

Q: I don't have PayPal and do not want to use one. Can I still get paid?

A: Yes, while PayPal is recommended, we can always find other ways to manually operate a payout transaction (e.g. Zelle, ACH, etc.). Our principle is to have little sensitive information on file as possible.


Q: Where can I download the extension? Is it free?

A: Our extension for Chrome can be downloaded at the Chrome Web Store for free.

Q: I do not use Chrome. What should I do?

A: We are coming to other platforms too, such as Safari and Firefox. Stay tuned!

Q: I cannot see the extension after installing. Where is it?

A: Chrome automatically hides the extension after the download is complete. Go to the extension tab and pin the extension for quicker access. You can also find instructions in the Manual.

Q: How do I sign in?

A: Click on the extension icon and you will be guided to go through the very quick sign-in process.

Q: Can I remove the extension?

A: Yes, you can always remove the extension from Chrome (disable and uninstall). As a matter of fact, you can mute the extension as well, putting it to sleep, if you feel like you might need it again at some point later.

Security and Privacy

Q: Will you share my data with third parties?

A: We do not and WILL NEVER sell your data to third parties. 

Q: What's the best way to keep my data secure?

A: Data is most secure when it is not shared. Do not post or disclose any sensitive information. We sometimes ask you for information to help us deliver better user experience to you. Such information is never going to be shared with anyone other than us.