MOFFAS = social network e-commerce 🪄 💖 = empowered consumers, sellers and marketers

MOFFAS is a new online environment that runs as a portable human-centric shopping agent, a community-oriented social hub, and a flexible technology solution that runs in parallel to other web applications at the same time. 

Designed and built with the lovely people and communities in mind, MOFFAS runs on the collective energy of consumers, marketers and merchants to create an alternative e-commerce experience that celebrates independence and individuality, and respects data privacy. Scroll down to see how MOFFAS helps these different customer groups, respectively, and build more dynamic relationships between them.

MOFFAS is part of a new broader eco-system we are building to prioritize a different set of values.

What is “Social Shopping”?

Social shopping is a generic term we use to describe shopping/consuming behavior where more than one person is involved. It is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it probably is one of the most ancient practices that help our ancestors survive in difficult times, from hunting in packs to sharing resources. Nowadays, many things we do on a daily basis, such as splitting a bill or making referrals, all belong in this category. Social shopping provides better opportunities, efficiencies and values. In this age of online shopping, its effects get further amplified, empowering both the consumers and the merchants. 

What can MOFFAS do?

Dedicated to modernizing social shopping through a combination of conventional wisdom and novel technologies, MOFFAS is operated as an omnichannel and multidimensional system, instead of just an app or a website, to deliver platform-like services and experience without the constraints of a centralized and containerized platform. It is a growing, self-learning and expanding environment to connect, assist and work with various parties.

- Consumers

"You want to get free shipping for your online orders even when your orders are not meeting the minimum requirement?"

"You want to enjoy deeper discounts for larger orders?"

"You want to have the wholesale price but don't want to take the minimum order quantity?"

With MOFFAS, a consumer can find it much easier to initiate and manage a group shopping situation, from putting together a wholesale order to sharing a family plan with others. The system is also equipped with built-in modules to securely facilitate information sharing, social interaction and group communication. Since it can be injected into/on top of other websites on the go, consumers can enjoy the convenience of handling shopping tasks without jumping across multiple applications to communicate with others.

- Brands/Merchants

“You want to make your customers stay longer on your site?”

“You want to sell more and sell more per order?”

"You want to pay less for advertisements and marketing campaigns?"

“You want to make your product go viral but don’t want to spend too much money?”

Freeing merchants from a one-template-for-all e-commerce platform, MOFFAS brings the identities and personalities out of brands, connecting them with consumers on an emotional and deeper level. The system instantly converts a passive website into a lively social scene where people can exchange ideas and sharing feedback with their friends without leaving the site. 

By joining this diverse network, merchants can also actively target potential consumers with better understanding of the market and higher precision. With  our own digital marketing module, merchants are   provided with affordable ways to promote their brands and events.

MOFFAS encourages and fully supports an inter-merchant program to allow multiple sellers exchange customer traffic without sacrificing consumer privacy.

- Marketers

“You want to understand and connect better with your followers?”

“You want to monetize your social influence?”

“You want to maximize creativity and flexibility?”

We love influencers and digital marketers so much that we call them “Mofficers” here. Without their work, most brands will never have a fair chance in a world where advertising and marketing fees are simply unaffordable most of the time. Influencers connect customers with brands and products that they otherwise will never know they would love so much.

With MOFFAS, marketers are invited to work with more brands and reach more consumers in a dynamic and interactive setting. Our Mofficer program also provides various opportunities to anyone with a passion for life and helping others to build a rewarding career as a digital marketer with their creativity and social charm.  =)

The best part? The system is easy to learn and we are ready to get you rolling! Interested? Apply today.