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Participate in Weave Season 1 - time to build and earn!

Hey guys, welcome to Season 1 of MOFFAS Weave.

For the ones that are not familiar with Weave, it is part of the market intelligence module, λ, of MOFFAS. Weave plays an important role as an intelligence agent to collect reports from people on web content before passing them on for further advanced processing. To put it simply, Weave is a type of mini audit on web pages, collectively done by crowdsourcing. Users visit a page and rate it by answering a few survey-ish questions. After this report (a “fabric”) is committed and validated, it is subject to confirmation by the system. Confirmed fabrics will then be flattened and processed with information from other sources (e.g., web crawlers) to add to the knowledge base for a more conscious and human-centric Internet.

While Weave is a continuous program, which means users can participate at any time, we do use a seasonal theme format to encourage participation. The theme for the debut season is The Favorites. As you may have already guessed, we encourage users to Weave their favorite e-commerce sites (physical goods, digital goods, blogs, etc.). All commits are welcome, but we hope that our Mofficers can prioritize independent businesses, artisan shops and private blogs since our system will be engineered in this way as well. The Market Intelligence module powers programs in other departments, such as marketing, and is thus integral to MOFFAS’ empowerment mission.


Weave always comes with Lucky Drop attached. To celebrate its launch, we’ve activated a special mode of Lucky Drop, 100 for 100. Every time the system confirms 100 fabrics, we will use Lucky Drop to pick one from the participants that commit them for a $100 cash reward. The more one commits, the more likely they will win the prize.

How about seasonal rewards? Of course - that’s why we adopt the format in the first place. Every time a qualified site is submitted as part of a fabric, we will reach out to the site owner and invite them to be our partner. The partnership does not cost a penny and is loaded with benefits. If the site says yes to our invite, then the user or users made the fabric (fabrics) will earn/share a $100 sign-up bonus.

Data privacy and transparency

MOFFAS does not sell or share user data with third parties. As a matter of fact, we are building towards a better future for the Internet to eradicate barbaric practices such as data invasion, and Weave, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the main driving forces.

Nor will the data be used for targeted advertising. If you rate an item (on a page) 10/10, this information is not going to any advertisers so that they can sell you that item later on. Personally, I think that targeted advertising is unethical, despicable and outdated. Granted, it probably is still the most direct and likely effective advertising method at the moment, but this so-labeled efficacy is achieved at huge costs and has a long lasting effect. In short, it does more harm than good for the general public and the worse consequences from merchandising personal privacy are yet to come.

Some of our members are no stranger to our public logs system. The log publishes Phi campaign raw data to ensure a fair and transparent environment for all. Weave adopts a similar mechanism as well. The data will be published to the public log, anonymously. We also put in place a patrol mechanism to detect bots and scripts - Weave only accepts manual commits of genuine fabrics. Cheating will result in a permanent account suspension.


At the moment, Weave can only be done through the extension. If you are not a Chrome browser user, you may wait for our extension to come to your platform. However, with a market share of over 70%, Chrome is also worth a try.

Weave is only open to Mofficers since it involves rewards and prizes. To make sure that new members can get to work smoothly, for a limited time, you can go to the Moffice after signing-up and claim extra MXP to qualify for the Mofficer status.

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