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At the moment, in some programs, we don't provide media storage space to general members (e.g., Moffice). There are a few options until we increase capacity:

- Use external image 

Some great sites:



and your best friend Google!

- If you have an image of your own that you really want to use, you can upload to a cloud service (Recommended!):

There are a bunch of great service providers and even after we enable the service in the future -  we still encourage you to follow this practice as it not only makes all your media files organized but also saves energy and resources! 🌱 



- If you really really want to save it with us, here's the trick: simply upload it as a timeline status post and link it back.

  • Upload it like a normal post. 
  • Right click on the post and find the URL in the new tab address bar.
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