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MOFFAS advocates transparency. Since Phi involves issuing monetary rewards to participants, we feel obligated to make the process and data public (sans private information, of course). We are hoping that measures like this can help us further build trust in our community and, more importantly, bring confidence and pride to our members.

How to get to the Log:

Go to https://heymoffas.com/public-logs

Or use the public menu in your site navigation bar - select "Logs"

What's in there?

For now, it shows all the data we received in the Phi programs, both raw and processed. The below screen capture gives a basic idea - what the data is for, processing status, campaign information, and IP (hashed to protect privacy).

The Logs will become even more important when we have special events running that give out high-value rewards.

Have any questions? Drop a question below.

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