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Great question! We talk about the Bloc profile page a lot and that might make you think that whoever click your links will get taken there. 😐 

That is not true 🙅  - it is redundant, inconvenient and also defeats the purpose. Visitors might just get distracted and leave before actually going to the target page.

When one clicks on the Bloc link of an active Bloc, which looks like https://heymoffas.com/phi/$%^&*, they will go straight to the target URL set by the campaign sponsor, without feeling any different than using a direct link, other than the link says moffas, of course. Well, in some cases where the campaign sponsors have had website integration done, meaning they've installed our script on their own sites, the URL will very likely look the same, only with some unique identifiers attached. In either case, that click is eligible for reward.

However, when the Blocs are inactive or expired, the situation might be different, depending on the partnership of the campaign sponsor. By default, the link will end up on the profile page and visitors can manually proceed to the target site. The mechanism is set up to prevent abuse - imagine a bad sponsor sets up a campaign and terminates it right after, hoping to lure traffic without paying. 💀 

    • Cool but can someone explain to me what this means? ✨✨✨

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