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We'll take a break from Phi in this article and discuss one of the key social features, Vibin'.

Vibin' is a social networking-powered universal rating system, delivered through the MOFFAS browser extension. Vibin' allows users to rate or simply share feelings ("Vibes") about the page they are on. Other than some major portal sites where MOFFAS extension is disabled (for example, Google...), users can rate/Vibe with any page on the WWW. Details of the ratings are not shared with any other parties, except the friends of users. For Mofficers, their Vibin' results will be pushed to their followers, additionally.

Browser extension: Social Box 

Set your Vibe - it's that simple

Now, when your friends are shopping the Simpsons candies - they will know you feel really 😍  about it! I mean, it does look very 😍.

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Header image: Stefan Grage on Unsplash

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